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Finalists selected! (決勝進出作品決定!)

Following 8 videos were selected as finalists. Congratulations!
以下の 8つの作品が決勝進出となりました。おめでとうございます!


Theme: School Introduction


Nichinan Shintoku HS (日南振徳)


KAC staff comments: I enjoyed getting a tour of their school and seeing the different classes and opportunities that are available to students. Thank you for the tour!

Ishinomaki HS (石巻)


KAC staff comments: I was impressed with the quality of the filming of the introduction and ending, it was really cool! Especially, the ending was like the end roll of movie using the brass band playing. It was a good idea to add the subtitle to the narrations. Good video!

Ina Gakuen HS (伊奈学園)


KAC staff comments: I really liked the fact that they focused in on three clubs giving longer explanations and involving several voices in the narrations!

Yamashiro HS (山城)


KAC staff comments: I was impressed with the cooking class and all-boys synchronized swimming club. They are very unique! I especially loved seeing the cheerleading club and synchronized swimming club in action! They were full of energy and had great timing, they were great!

Ueda Nishi HS (上田西)


KAC staff comments: They were so creative to combine the videos dancing to the same music in the US and Japan! I really liked that many students were involved in introducing their club activity throughout the video.

Shiriuchi HS (知内)



KAC staff comments: The story lines and costumes were so creative and fun, and the students did really well with their English. Also, the song and dance at the end was a lot of fun. I could see that Anna, Elsa, Olaf and all students of Shiriuch High School were trying hard to make this video. Great job!

Murasakino HS (紫野)



KAC staff comments: I liked how the video was not only an introduction of their school, but the surrounding area as well. It was good that they specify what is special about their school and that students were directly involved in the video, instead of just capturing what they do in their school. I could see how much the students love their school!

Asaka Kaisei HS (あさか開成)


KACスタッフからのコメント:イントロ部分の編集がすごくてビックリしました。 “Global” “Creative” “Human” という3つのキーワードで分かりやすく上手に学校を紹介していて、すごく引き込まれました。BGMも良かったです。とても完成度の高いビデオだと思いました。

KAC staff comments: The opening part was so creative. It was great how they used the three key words “Global”, “Creative” and “Human” to introduce their school as it made it really clear and easy to understand what is special about their school. The background music was nice too. I liked how the video was shot and organized.

Fukushima Minami HS (福島南)


KAC staff comments: I really liked how they conveyed what life is like as a student at Fukushima Minami, and how cool it is. I could really see through the video that students enjoy being students there and place value on their everyday life. Great video!

Setokita Sogo HS (瀬戸北総合)



KAC staff comments: The artwork in the beginning was great and so creative, and the background music being the school’s song was so much fun. I loved how they filmed it – I actually felt like they personally showed me around 🙂

Akashi Josai HS (明石城西)

KACスタッフからのコメント:“Trying hard”、「一生懸命がかっこいい」といいというモットーに沿ってビデオが作られていたのが良かったです。学校での活動の様子と生徒の皆さんの出演シーンがうまく組み合わさっていて、楽しく拝見しました。

KAC staff comments: It was good that they stick to their concept, trying hard, throughout the video. Good combination of school activities and student involvement in the video.


Hayfield SS


KAC staff comments: They did a nice job showcasing the uniqueness of their school, like the school visit by First Lady Michelle Obama and the invitation to the White House. It was a good idea to insert the performance video of their Global Classmates partner school (Suma Gakuen). I enjoyed watching it!

Stevenson HS


KAC staff comments: What a cool school! The diversity, the surrounding environment, the different activities, it looks like a fun place to go to school!

Deerfield Beach HS


KAC staff comments: I loved the way they started the video with the news story. I really enjoyed how the video showcased their school’s “cool” points with an up-tempo rhythm. It was fun to watch!

Thomas Jefferson HS (トーマス・ジェファーソン)



KAC staff comments: I really liked that they showcased a lot of activities that are not in Japan. I could feel their “cool” aspects from the video. I want to see MEX and the performance battle of INITE!

Eleanor Roosevelt HS (エレノア・ルーズベルト)



KAC staff comments: What an interesting perspective! Focusing on the topic of diversity was very good. Even though it was made by students in the U.S., it felt like it had a Japanese twist to it. I really liked how the video concluded – looping it back to the name of the school. Very cool!

Ocean Lakes HS (オーシャンレイクス)

KACスタッフからのコメント:生徒さんがそれぞれ、学校の魅力を紹介してくれているのがよかったです。着ぐるみの生徒はお茶目ですね!I am somebody speechも日本にはない雰囲気のものでした。

KAC staff comments: It was great to see each student introduce a “cool” point of his or her school. The student who was dressed in an animal costume is so funny!

Center for Global Studies (センター・フォー・グローバル・スタディズ)



KAC staff comments: It was fun to watch the video, and I could see they are proud of their global programs. The video was unique as well with the dance and student involvement!

Downingtown East HS (ダーウィンタウン・イースト)


KAC staff comments: I could see that students not only enjoy their sports, chorus, art, and drama club activities very much, but that they also enjoy studying. I really liked the pictures when the scene was switched and a lot of logos were used in the ending.

Downingtown West HS (ダーウィンタウン・ウエスト)


KAC staff comments: I enjoyed watching the video! It was just like I was getting a tour of their school. Good camera work! Such a great idea to introduce everyone at the beginning, It added a nice personal touch!

Kamehameha Schools (カメハメハ)



KAC staff comments: It was interesting learning about the effect that Hawaiian culture has on their lives at school. I could see the atmosphere in Hawaii! “Ho’ike” was so great. I also loved the video because every student was having a lot of fun in this video.

Groves HS (グローブス)


KAC staff comments: This school is the only US school that used a Japanese song as background music, which was a nice touch. I could see every student tried to use Japanese hard and they did a great job! I loved that they focused on the school tradition that seniors help freshmen as their “cool” point.