Media Coverage


 Sep 3, 2019  渡米交流で確実に成長 (translation: Clear growth through the exchange experience in the U.S.), Asahi Shimbun Digital
 Aug 7, 2019  日米高校生、ネットで疑似留学 NPO企画 震災後8300人参加 (translation: U.S. and Japanese High School students virtual exchange), Tokyo Shimbun
 Jul 31, 2019  High School Students Learn about U.S.-Japan Relations, U.S. Embassy Tokyo
 Jul 24, 2019  Global Classmates Summit Matsuyama Central High School
 Jul 24, 2019  Wakana Fukuta to participate in Summit, Tokushima Shimbun 
May 2, 2019 Evanston Township High School Student Participate in Summit
Dec 17, 2018 Japan’s pacifism and America’s gun culture: Views from a Global Classmates Summit participant, Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA
Nov 7, 2018 Global Classmates!, Matsuyama Central High School
Oct 26, 2018 Global Classmates Summit ProgramSan Mateo Daily Journal
Sep 11, 2018 “Teach English Now!” – My Experience at an English Education Conference in the U.S.American View – US Embassy Japan Official Magazine
Aug 23, 2018 Washington D.C. に行って米国の高校生と交流してきました。(translation: I went to Washington, DC and participated in an exchange with American high school students), National Institute of Technology, Hakodate College
Aug 10, 2018 Global Classmates Summit 2018, Facebook post by Embassy of Japan in the USA
Aug 7, 2018 Global Classmates Summit 2018, Instagram post by Happi Enterprises, LLC (@happienterprises)
Aug 2, 2018 Global Classmates Summit 2018, Tweet by Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Department of State (@USAsiaPacific)
July 30, 2018 JET Resources for Students, AJET
Mar 30, 2018 Global Classmates, Rakuhoku High School
Feb 20, 2018 Global Classmates 「ビデオ甲子園」で一位入賞 (translation: We won first place in Global Classmates Video Koshien), Murasakino High School
Feb 15, 2018 Global Classmates ビデオカンファレンスを行いました。(translation: We had a Global Classmates Video Conference), Rakuhoku High School 
Jan 18, 2018 Lockport Township High School Japanese Classes Connect With Students in JapanHomer Glen Patch
Dec 7, 2017 Ocean Lakes High School, participating in Global Classmates, wins Best Onigiri Story Award in TABLE FOR TWO’s Onigiri Action Campaign.
Nov 20, 2017 An article on the work Kizuna Across Cultures is doing was published in the Osaka-Kobe circulation of the Yomiuri Newspaper in Japan (Article in Japanese only)
Sep 12, 2017  Inaugural Global Classmates Summit unites students from U.S., Japan for week of cultural exchange
Aug 29, 2017 G・Cサミットに東北から石巻高生2人参加 米国の高校生と交流 (translation: Two Tohoku Students from Ishinomaki High School participated in Global Classmates Summit, Exchanging with U.S. High School Students)

NEWS石巻かほく (NEWS Ishinomaki Kahoku)

Aug 25, 2017  日米の高校生“トランプ政権の米国”を議論 (translation: US-Japanese high school students debate U.S. Trump administration)
Aug 23, 2017  2017グローバル・クラスメート・サミットに2名の生徒が参加しました。 (translation: Two students participae in Global Classmates Summit 2017)
紫野高等学校 (Murasakino High School)
Aug 19, 2017  Good Works
The Virginia Pilot
Jul 25, 2017  Global Classmates Summit 2017 Press Release
July 2017  Kizuna Across Cultures: Global Classmates Summit
Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA
Apr 18, 2017  グローバルクラスメート・サミット、日本代表に2名選出!(translation: Two students elected as Japan representatives for Global Classmates Summit!)
埼玉県立伊奈学園総合高校 (Saitama Inagakuen Public High school)
Dec 01, 2015 KAC Vice President Shanti Shoji visited Shiriuchi High School in Hokkaido. The visit was featured in the school’s homepage. Thank you Nomura-sensei! [Part 1] [Part 2] (In Japanese)
Nov 26, 2015 KAC President Ayako Smethurst and Vice President Shanti Shoji’s visit to Ina Gakuen High School in Saitama was featured on the school’s homepage. Thank you Kaneda-sensei! (In Japanese)
Nov 20, 2015 KAC President Ayako Smethurst’s visit to Akashi Josai High School in Hyogo was featured on the school’s homepage. Thank you Okura-sensei! (In Japanese)
Oct 29, 2015 Akashi Josai High School (Hyogo) students enjoying Global Classmates’ Omiyage Exchange is featured on the school’s homepage. Thank you Okura-sensei! (In Japanese)
Oct 16, 2015 Nichinan Shintoku High School’s activity was also featured in the Miyazaki Nichinichi Shinbun. (In Japanese)
Oct 13, 2015 Global Classmates students at Nichinan Shintoku High School in Miyazaki Prefecture did a live video chat with their partner classmates. Their experience was featured in the school’s homepage. Thank you Uemura-sensei! (In Japanese)
Dec 02, 2014 Richardson High School (TX) and Chosei High School (Chiba) students’ virtual “hangout” was featured on the school’s news site!
Jun 04, 2014 Ishinomaki High School was featured on the special PBS program “This is America & The World.”
Apr 23, 2014 Ishinomaki High School students participating in Global Classmates was featured in Kahoku Shimpo. (In Japanese)
Feb 28, 2013 KAC President Ayako Smethurst and Advisor Drew Scronce talk about Global Classmates on “Let’s Talk Japan.”