Global Classmates Summit

Global Classmates Summit 2022

Engaging the next generation of international leaders


Global Classmates Summit selects a handful of outstanding students who participated in Kizuna Across Culture’s virtual exchange program to participate in various activities that deepen their mutual understanding and collaboration over the course of about ten days. For this sixth Summit, sixteen high school students (eight from the US and eight from Japan) were selected from a pool of 2,130 participants of our virtual exchange program in the previous year.

Since its launch in 2017 until the third year of the Summit, it was held in Washington, DC; however, due to the global pandemic, it has been a virtual event since 2020. This year’s Summit will take place from late-July to mid-August for a total of twelve days, meeting online for approximately 3-4 hours a day.


During the Summit, the students will expand their perspectives and deepen their thoughts through activities such as meeting with experienced leaders as well as internationally minded professionals and participating in discussions on topics such as cross cultural understanding, U.S.-Japan relations, diversity and international society, media literacy, and role of citizens diplomacy.


As the ability to engage in meaningful dialogue and build collaborative relationships with others from different backgrounds in a virtual environment, all while overcoming time differences and language barriers, will continue to be essential in the future, we hope that the Summit experience will be a valuable and life-changing one for the participants.


At the end of the Summit, students will reflect on what they have learned, and as young leaders share their thoughts on building a positive future for U.S.-Japan relations and the broader international community in a virtual group presentation. We are looking forward to having many people from around the world see their presentation so please join us!

Global Classmates Summit 2022 Student Presentation


“Youth Voices: Building a Positive Future for U.S.-Japan Relations”

Date: Thursday, August 11th at 8:00 PM ~9:30 PM EDT

Where: Online (Zoom)

Language: English・Japanese (with caption for the student presentation)


Summit 2022 Participants


United States

Gabrielle Chilton

Roswell High School


    Anthony Furman

    Los Gatos High 

    School (California)

        Mary Harvey

        Stuyvesant High School

        (New York)


Atla Martinez Garcia

Lakeview High Schoo


  Cordelia Pestone

  Clarkstown High School

  South (New York)

        Rebecca Schmit

       Eleanor Roosevelt High School 


Evelyn Whorton

Everett High School


Kenny Xie

Mills High School






Sarari Aoyama

Rakuhoku High School


 Manaka Iida

 Yokosuka High School


         Urara Kijima

         Otemon High School



Keigo Kumada

Takamatsu Nishi High

School (Kagawa)

  Shota Takehana

  Ueda Nishi High School


         Norika Terakawa

         Matsuyama Chuo High School



Kei Ueda

Kosei Gakuen High

School (Tokyo)

Lenne Yoshikawa

Yokohama Shogyo High School



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