Global Classmates Plus

What is Global Classmates Plus?

Thanks to funding from the Mitsubishi Memorial Foundation for Educational Excellence, Global Classmates Plus (GCP) was first implemented in 2021. GCP is an enhanced version of Global Classmates that is available to select Global Classmates school pairs. For GCP, students go one step beyond introducing each other’s culture by researching common social issues, exchanging information and opinions, and developing solutions. In addition to the language skills and cross-cultural understanding fostered in the regular version of Global Classmates, the program aims to improve critical thinking skills, enable students to understand diverse perspectives, build their interest in, and willingness to contribute to, issues facing the international community, and develop their ability to work with others from different cultures.

Despite the undeniable learning benefits of online international exchange, integration of such programs into high school education worldwide has been gradual. At Kizuna Across Cultures (KAC), we are constantly considering ways to further enhance  Global Classmates, a pioneering example of online international collaborative learning for high school students, with the belief that the continued evolution of Global Classmates will strengthen overall online exchange at the high school level. GCP is the result of this pursuit.

How it works

The first half of the program is similar to the regular Global Classmates, with students communicating about familiar topics such as daily life and culture as a warm-up. Then, during the second half of the program, the pairs work on GCP curriculum which involves multiple lessons dedicated to research and exchange on a single social issue.

GCP Curriculum

The most recent GCP curriculum is designed around two themes: 1) food problems and 2) diversity and inclusion.

The GCP Advantage